Maria Helena Gomes Correia

Maria Helena Gomes Correia, Ankerherz Team Portugal  Name: Maria Helena Gomes Correia

 Born: in V.N. deFamalicão

 Occupation: commercial department

 Residence: in Guimarães








Please tell us a little more about your profession and yourself:

I love my work, it is a great pleasure for me to contact people from various countries, not only for the commercial part, which is the first step to getting to know each other, but also the part of the friendship to meet people.
I can know a little more about the countries where they live, what they do, what they like to do, even the family is very gratifying.

I try to always give my best and represent my country Portugal the best possible.

What drives you everyday? 

wake up and know that I have work that I love and that the fruit of this work contributes to the support of my family.

 How did you get where you are today?

a friend informed me that they were in need of a commercial. I came to an interview and the next day I was already working in this company.

Where would you like to live by the sea?

Yes, I would loved being able to live by the sea, it's one of my biggest dreams.
I love the sea, the beach and everything that surrounds the sea.

Would you like to share a short story about yourself?  

I am married and I have 3 children: 2 boys and 1 girl.
We are a very happy family, it is clear that some moments are better than others but to this day I maintain with my husband and children a very important factor that is trust, friendship but above all much love.
The standard of living in Portugal is not easy, the wages are not high but we try to survive on a daily basis and the greatest support is undoubtedly the family, which I value very much.
I´m happy !!